Signs in a Song

Eva’s song suddenly came on while I shopped the clearance rack @rei. It stopped me in my tracks. I looked around, shocked because it’s not a very popular song {at least I don’t think so}. Then I went to the fitting rooms and asked the employee if this song comes on often, thinking it must be on the store playlist. She said she had never heard it before. So I plopped down onto the bench in the room, looked at myself in the mirror and just grinned. These signs from my girl always take my breath away. ✨ What a gift. 💫 “The Lime Tree” @trevorhall


I spark a match, and watch the candle burn

The wick runs out and then love takes its turn

On fallen angels and broken sounds, we will last past the final round

It took a while for you to find me

But I was hiding in the lime tree

Above the city in the rain cloud

I poked a hole and watched it drain out

And parallel to the city streets

Are broken crowns beneath our feet

But as we walk across the diamonds

We know that love is always shining

So save me love, save me all the time

I'll wash you down with a simple sip of wine

Toast my glass to all my loved ones

To let them know that the stars, well they still shine ✨