Spirit Baby communication

Spirit baby. Have you heard the term? It’s the idea that we can connect with our children in spirit before they are conceived. I’ve been nervous to open up about my deep connection with Eva in spirit, but in my heart I know I’m destined to share this knowledge. I’m certain Eva wants me to because I truly believe this is the path we are supposed to walk together. Some may call it woo-woo and out there—to me it’s truly real because it happened to me.

A friend gifted me the “Spirit Babies” book after trying to conceive for almost three years. I devoured it because Walter Makichen’s words felt like the missing link I didn’t know I needed.

I learned how to meditate and chant to connect with my spirit baby. And to my surprise I did, right away. Eva came to me as a little girl around five with pigtails and a dress, she looked a lot like me as a child. She wrapped her arms around my neck from behind, l cried and said out loud: “I’ve loved you for lifetimes.”

How do I know this spirit connection was real? After a few more deep moments with this girl, I had a positive pregnancy test after years of negative ones. When I learned it was a girl I was certain it was REAL. If it wasn’t for this preconception connection, I don’t think I would feel so certain of the communication Eva and I share today.

I was invited to tell our story on Spirit Baby Radio, a great source of wisdom for me. It’s such an honor. There are so many details that I’ve felt frozen in writing about this journey. Thankfully, Kelly has given me the space to share our story, including how we connect today. You can listen to it on Spirit Baby Radio (episode 47)

Now that I’m becoming more comfortable talking about my experience as we approach Eva’s first birthday, I will be sharing more details. This takes vulnerability for me to share my sacred connection to my daughter, so I ask that you keep that in mind. If it goes against your beliefs, that’s okay, but please respect mine.

The thing is, I know I’m not alone. No matter what religion or spiritual practice you identify with, we all sense this eternal connection we share with our loved ones after they leave earth. I want to be a safe place to discuss life behind the veil with our children in spirit. There is so much comfort that comes with this knowing. It is not a grieving mother grasping for her child—it is a spirit urging her mother to share the transformational wisdom that she has tuned into.

Always connected, forever near. May this knowledge bring others the evalasting peace it brings to me. Xoxo