Lead with LOVE

It‘s been really hard to stay current with events when my grieving heart can only handle so much. I have never been the type to believe ignorance is bliss, this is self preservation. I get bits here and there from Joe or coworkers, but rarely do I move beyond the headlines.

It’s like I’m waking up to a separate nightmare, one I’ve chosen to put blinders on for months now. Occasionally I catch a tweet, and once again I am reminded of the true nature of our president—why does this still shock me? It’s a very bizarre era to be losing my baby in, living under a regime who doesn’t believe in equality, human rights or even democracy for that matter. If losing my baby couldn’t get worse I wake up to a president that wishes his people treat him the same way a villainous dictator demands to be treated.

Is Eva an American in Heaven? That’s preposterous because of course God doesn’t put a limit on souls in that way. So why do we put such limits on ourselves as humans? History shows us time and again that dictators ignite world wars, empires crumble and patriotic hate gets us nowhere.

We can’t eat money. Profit before people is not the forward thinking model that will carry us into the future. Love will. Lead with love. Speak with love. Shower your foes in love. Sounds pretty dreamy, huh? Well, look where leading with hate gets us. I’m going to continue to take my cues from the Divine.