ALWAYS |Day 17 | May we all heal

“We know that love is ALWAYS shining.” A favorite line from my song for Eva, “The Lime Tree" by Trevor Hall. Rivers of tears have been shed as I listened to it with Eva safe inside and then in my arms. A memory that makes me smile is when Eva was still tube free, and I danced around the NICU room with her in my arms, finally having a chance to sing in solitude to my daughter.

Spark a match and watch the candle burn

The wick runs out and then love takes its turn

On fallen angels and broken sounds

We will last past the final round

It took a while for you to find me

But I was hiding in the lime tree

Above the city in the rain cloud

I poked a hole and watched it drain out

And parallel to the city streets

Our broken crowns beneath our feet

But as we walk across the diamonds

We know that love is always shining, yeah

So save me, love, save me all the time

I'll wash you down with a simple sip of wine

And toast my glass to all my loved ones

To let them know that the stars, well, they still shine


Music provides comfort and healing. You find a clip of this song in my story today. What song reminds you of your child?