Our girl is turning one!

October 23, 2017 at 7:17 p.m. we first laid eyes on Eva LeeAnn Larson. She weighed in at a whopping 3lbs 10 oz and 17 inches long. (Only two inches shorter than her brother.) As the golden leaves fell from the trees, our Twinkle Star lived her 22 days of life. It was when all the leaves had fallen in November that she took her last breath. It’s difficult for me to focus on pregnancy and infant loss awareness month this October, even though I find it important, because this is when we celebrate her LIFE.

We will honor Eva’s birthday as a family of four in our own special way, but I have ideas for how others can celebrate our precious girl and also help children and parents like us.

Our family will be giving to the Pediatric Complex Care Support Team at Mary Bridge because I do not know where we would have been without them. Dr. Brunell and Dr. Ketts treated us and our girl with such dignity, as did everyone else at Tacoma General and MB. The Support Team is very dependent on philanthropic gifts so we will be making a birthday gift in honor of Eva and invite our family and friends to join us if they feel called. I will share more about the amazing work they do and how to donate soon.

Another way you can help us celebrate is by sharing the impact Eva’s life had on you. I would love to read these on her birthday, which is why I’m posting this early. We did not have an official service for Eva, so I want to give others space to vocalize whatever they might have wanted to say but haven’t had the chance to. I will admit, it would be nice to have these handwritten (message for address), but absolutely accept social media messages too.

Lastly, follow along as I share a post for each one of Eva’s 22 days of life, filled with stories, lessons, lyrics and other tidbits that Eva has inspired. You can view them at http://www.evalastingpeace.com, but I will also share to social media.

There is no way we could have made it through the last year without the love and support we have received by so many. Eva is such a blessing with all the lessons she has taught us, and we’re looking forward to celebrating her first birthday with hopefully more smiles than tears.

Lori Larson